Trick or Treat

I was lumbering up the long, steep steps of the famous L.A. Memorial Coliseum when a feeling of happiness overtook me. Not because the Los Angeles Rams had just defeated the Arizona Cardinals 34-0, but because I had tickets to the game at all. I’ve always worked hard to make my family as comfortable as possible, but a couple of years ago I did something just for ME! It was totally selfish on my part to buy season tickets to the Rams, as I was really the only person in my family who cared anything at all about the football team. And they were truly awful when I first bought the tickets.  I am in no way suggesting spending one’s hard-earned dough on season tickets. But as one who wanted to be the next Roman Gabriel and play quarterback for the Rams one day, I guess having a seat for every one of their home games for the past three years has been the next best thing!