I don’t know if this goes back to the early 70s when mom wanted to “drag” us to Las Vegas to see Elvis. My brother and sister and I put up a big fight,  which ended in us not going, a decision that I regret to this day!
As foolish kids at the time, we thought mom just wasn’t hip; we would have much preferred to see The Jackson 5.   We didn’t think “The King” was cool enough at the time.  Man, what a mistake.
 I’ve seen many concerts since then, everyone from Engelbert Humperdinck (Vegas) to Lady Gaga (twice).  I’ve seen Bruno Mars and Aerosmith and Elton John more times than I can count. I’ve enjoyed Philip Bailey belting out “Reasons” for Earth, Wind & Fire, and I’ve watched women next to me melt while Prince blew us away.  But… I will always think of the ones that got away. One in particular-Freddie Mercury.  I did see QUEEN featuring Adam Lambert, who is a talented vocalist in his own right.  But I never had the chance to see Freddie.
I didn’t see Elvis because I was too immature to know what I was missing. With Freddie, I always thought I’d get around to it.
I’ve been lucky enough to see some incredible talent rock the stage Live. And eventually I even got around to seeing The Jacksons (with Michael).  But it’s still tough getting past the ones I missed.
Who do you regret not seeing perform live?