The NFL’s new rule changes

Allowing pass interference to be reviewed via instant replay: progress or will this lead to “flopping” in the NFL?

Bortles signs with Rams

Nice enough move for the Rams to sign Blake Bortles to backup Goff but let’s be honest. We need linebackers!

Creed II is fantastic!!!

A little late with this opinion but here’s my take: Creed II is the best pic in the franchise since Rocky II! See it today.

Lonzo Ball is not the problem in Los Angeles

Not understanding how missing someone averaging 9 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists who is constantly hurt is why the Lakers are struggling! Hey Lakers fans! Your problems are much bigger than Lonzo Balls’ absence. I can’t name a single Clipper and they’re in the playoff hunt.

Rick Garcia’s Best Picture

This year there were a lot of good films but nothing unforgettable. The cinematography was stunning in “Roma.” Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga were terrific in “A Star is Born,” but I’ve seen it before and this version did nothing to make me forget the others. “Vice” was all about Christian Bale. And why not? He hit it out of the park! “The Green Book” was a beautiful story. And I love Queen and Freddie Mercury, which is why I liked “Bohemian Rhapsody.“ John David Washington, who may be on the way to becoming a big star like his dad, helped carry “Black Klansman.” I also thought if ever there was a time to vote for a comic book movie this might be the year, with “Black Panther.” But those beautiful scenes and grand effects take away from any great performances by the actors. So….I’m going with the uniqueness of what many call “an actor’s movie.” In this case, the one featuring the terrific characters portrayed by Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Emma Stone. That’s why I chose “The Favourite.”

Garcia’s Choice for Best Actor

This was an easy choice for me this year! Usually I can’t decide between one or two actors. Or I’ll wish they’d open up the category for more nominees in a given year.
But Christian Bale in “Vice” was tops! He really became former Vice President Dick Cheney in every sense possible.

Thoughts on Manny Machado

Not particularly disturbed by Manny Machado signing with the San Diego Padres. More troubled by him running half speed for the Dodgers.

Rick Garcia’s Prediction for Best Actress

While I loved Glenn Close’s understated— yet powerful— take in “The Wife” and am disappointed that Rosamund Pike was overlooked by the Academy for “A Private War”, I’m going with Olivia Colman for her quirky role in “The Favourite.”

Lebron playing with Davis

The hope of watching Lebron play alongside Davis is exciting for Lakers fans to think about. These are two of the top players in the league. A combo that would be right up there with Shaq and Kobe, Magic and Kareem or Chamberlain and West.