Remembering a great day

Five years ago (May 8, 2014) the Rams selected Aaron Donald with the 13 pick in the draft…and we’re still reaping the benefits.

Avengers: Endgame

I definitely went to a showing this weekend and can say that the ensemble cast is absolutely brilliant!

Rick’s take on the draft

3rd year in a row not having a 1st rounder? After the success of Donald, Gurley and Goff (all 1st rounders)? I’m a bit apprehensive.

Rick’s take on the Lakers

Magic was one of the greatest basketball players and athletes ever. As President of the Lakers? Not so much. Seemed outmatched.

This is LA??!!?

UCLA basketball and USC football having trouble finding good coaches? Those programs? In Los Angeles? Really?

Is it a foul/penalty?

Refs should swallow their whistles at the end of games? If something is a foul it’s a foul, if it’s a penalty it’s a penalty! Am I missing something?