Disappointed, not devastated

My feelings were in check on Super Bowl Sunday. Not that I was “just happy to be there,” but just being real. While I truly feel the Los Angeles Rams had the better players overall, there is no way to feel comfortable when your team plays Bill Belichick and Tom Brady. I know it was one of the most boring games in Super Bowl history, but as long as my team was still in it at the end of the game, I was just fine with “boring.” At the end of the day, both teams employed the same “stop the run” strategy. And both teams did it well. The idea is to let the quarterback beat you and that’s just what Tom Brady did. Hats off to the New England Patriots. They are one of the greatest franchises in sports history. Their coach is one of the best to run a team. And their Quarterback, the greatest of all time (G-O-A-T). But what I take from this loss is that I truly believe Jared Goff can win a title. That Sean McVay is currently one of the best coaches in the NFL. And that the Rams are built to last and will again be in the big game. But I’m also hopeful. Hopeful that the Patriots’ time in the sun will eventually pass.