Courage Comes in all Sizes

It’s been about a decade that I’ve attended the Michael Hoefflin Foundation’s “Evening Under the Stars.” Usually I’ve worked the event as emcee. But this year from my seat as a “civilian,” I was especially struck by the many stories parents told of life with their cancer-stricken children. Over the years, I’ve delivered gift baskets during the holidays to some of the less fortunate families who struggle to afford the gas to take their children to doctor’s appointments. I always come away in tears, grateful for my family’s good luck. But for some reason, it really hit me on this recent night. As difficult as life can be for these parents, I’m reminded at how amazingly strong the children are. When I spend time with these smiling, happy kids, they seem wise beyond their years. Their strength during these moments is the glue that keeps families together. It’s why when I start feeling sad about their plight, I’ll choose to be inspired by their courage. Please check out Perhaps you can help some amazing people and be inspired like me.