Rick’s take on the Lakers

Magic was one of the greatest basketball players and athletes ever. As President of the Lakers? Not so much. Seemed outmatched.

This is LA??!!?

UCLA basketball and USC football having trouble finding good coaches? Those programs? In Los Angeles? Really?

Is it a foul/penalty?

Refs should swallow their whistles at the end of games? If something is a foul it’s a foul, if it’s a penalty it’s a penalty! Am I missing something?

The NFL’s new rule changes

Allowing pass interference to be reviewed via instant replay: progress or will this lead to “flopping” in the NFL?

Bortles signs with Rams

Nice enough move for the Rams to sign Blake Bortles to backup Goff but let’s be honest. We need linebackers!

Creed II is fantastic!!!

A little late with this opinion but here’s my take: Creed II is the best pic in the franchise since Rocky II! See it today.

Lonzo Ball is not the problem in Los Angeles

Not understanding how missing someone averaging 9 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists who is constantly hurt is why the Lakers are struggling! Hey Lakers fans! Your problems are much bigger than Lonzo Balls’ absence. I can’t name a single Clipper and they’re in the playoff hunt.